Award Winning Clinical Nursing Education

The Jessie McPherson Clinical Education Team

The Jessie McPherson Clinical Education Team is made up of specialist Clinical Nurse Educators (also known as CNE’s) who have a great degree of competence in their field of specialism and in caring for patients and families.

We have Clinical Nurse Educator’s working on all four wards, covering Cardiology, Cardiothoracics, Neuroscience, Gastroscience and General Surgery; and Obstetrics and Special Care Nursery.


What is a Clinical Nurse Educator?

Clinical nurse educators, or CNEs, are nurses with a passion for educating other nurses working in a healthcare environment, and are responsible for imparting the knowledge and skills needed to provide the best possible care. A nurse educator is usually a highly respected nurse, with relevant experience, and strong organisational and leadership skills.

CNE’s work with undergraduates, graduate students and qualified registered nurses and midwives.

The role of a CNE requires collaborative work between multi-disciplinary clinical teams, and includes students assigned to clinical learning experiences in wards, and existing qualified staff to ensure skills remain up to date and at an advanced level.



Why do we have Clinical Nurse Educators?

To provide continuous education to student nurses and ensure our qualified staff’s skill set remains at an advanced level and up-to-date with the latest evidence-based care.

Our team of Clinical Nurse Educators are critical in ensuring our continuous provision of excellent care, listed below are just a few of the many positives of having a dedicated team of specialist educators.

  • Monitor learning, competency, and clinical judgment of student nurses
  • In-service training enabling staff to keep up-to-date with the latest evidence
  • Introducing new equipment
  • Enhancing job satisfaction and staff retention
  • Building confidence and accountability of employees
  • Encouraging self-directed learning
  • Maintaining high care standards
  • Opens up opportunities for career advancement

Many nurses work under considerable time and workload pressures, now more so than ever, and it can be a challenge to find time for education activities in an acute care setting. At Jessie McPherson our education team work with our nursing teams to provide appropriate education opportunities in a series of diverse formats, ensuring everyone has access to education opportunities within their working day.



What is the impact on patients and families?

Having a passionate team of nurse educators ensures that all of our nurses are not only confident in their roles, but also happy and fulfilled, knowing that there are opportunities for skill and career advancement.

Put simply, a confident and happy nursing team leads to excellent care giving and positive outcomes for our patients and their families. Our highly skilled nursing team is one of the many reasons specialist doctors choose to bring their private patients to Jessie McPherson. You can hear this first hand from our doctors in this video.

Award Winning Educators

The Jessie McPherson Education Team were recognised at the 16th Annual Monash Health Nursing and Midwifery Awards, winning the Jessie McPherson Excellence Award.

Monash Health Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Katrina Nankervis presented the Jessie McPherson Excellence Award. Katrina recognised Jessie McPherson Private Hospital as Monash Health’s private partner and the important contribution the team at Jessie McPherson have made, particularly over the last couple of years at Clayton with the pandemic response. Katrina highlighted the Education Teams award winning success with the following comment:

“Often, within days’ notice the Education Team ensured that the Jessie Nursing Teams were COVID ready and fully supported to manage patients with medical, surgical and high acuity conditions, sometimes unfamiliar to the team.

Despite the constant stress and high work load the team worked tirelessly, always displaying professionalism, calm and exceptional leadership at the bedside.

The Jessie McPherson Education Team provided enormous support to Jessie employees, at all skill levels. The team were also responsible for implementing well-being initiatives, and caring for each other. Which we know leads to the best practice care and positive outcomes for our teams and our patients.”

Pictured below at the 16th Annual Monash Health Nursing and Midwifery Awards: Monash Health Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Katrina Nankervis, JMPH Education Manager Amy Dorrat, JMPH Clinical Nurse Educator Ranmali De Mel, and JMPH Director Clinical Services, Jennine Harbrow.



Jessie McPherson Private Hospital offers a variety of exciting and rewarding career opportunities

We recognise our staff are the key to us delivering excellent patient centred care. We provide our staff with a work environment that is supportive and fulfilling with opportunities for career growth and professional development.

Our close affiliation with Monash Health allows staff the rare and desirable opportunity to work in private hospital setting with access to tertiary facilities and support when needed.

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