After developing symptoms, my doctor picked up on a problem with my heart and I was referred to MonashHeart Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Ben Dundon.

Dr Dundon’s assessment confirmed that I required coronary angioplasty, and in December 2016 I had a stent inserted at the MonashHeart Cath Lab followed by a stay on the Cardiac Ward at Jessie McPherson Private.

Whilst the stent improved my symptoms, Dr Dundon informed me that my aortic valve was not functioning as it should and may require treatment in the near future.

Over the course of 2017 I noticed my condition worsening, I was struggling to remain active, finding myself out of breath doing everyday tasks like walking up a hill.  It became more and more debilitating. Apparently this was my aortic valve telling me it was in trouble!

It was at this time I was told I needed to be considered for a TAVI procedure and I was introduced to the TAVI Coordinator, Maree Lawrence, who looked after all the details for me.

I was admitted to Jessie McPherson Private Hospital on a Sunday in November 2017 and the TAVI procedure was carried out the following day in the MonashHeart Cath Lab. I was home by Friday and back at work the following week!

I received spectacular care from all the staff on the cardiac ward at Jessie McPherson Private Hospital, even receiving visits from Nurse Unit Manager Jane Purcell during her own time.

Dr Liam McCormick and Dr Rob Gooley, Senior Interventional Cardiologists at MonashHeart, carried out the TAVI procedure and I was regularly visited by them and other consultants throughout my stay at Jessie McPherson Private Hospital.

With the specialised facilities that MonashHeart have to offer along with the individual attention and comfort provided by Jessie McPherson Private Hospital, I was quickly on my feet and able to reclaim my quality of life – getting back to work and tackling those hills!

A message from Brendan:

Looking back I realise I’d been experiencing problems for a while but didn’t pay attention. If you think you or someone you care for are experiencing heart or breathing problems please, please get it checked out.

A message from Dr McCormick:

Whilst Brendan’s recovery enabled him to return to work very quickly, others may require a little further convalescence period which is also perfectly normal. Plans are made with your medical team to ensure your own personal goals and expectations can be achieved.

Your GP can assist you to access one of the MonashHeart cardiologists who choose Jessie McPherson Private Hospital to care for you, by referring you to one of the consultants on our speciality listing here.

Jessie McPherson Private Hospital (JMPH) is a private acute medical, surgical and obstetric hospital, and is a fully owned subsidiary of Monash Health, co-located at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton.

Being co-located within a large tertiary public hospital allows JMPH to deliver a high level of acute care services through a multidisciplinary approach to care and treatment, whilst having access to world-renowned research and teaching facilities.

The clinical expertise of the MonashHeart cardiologists is recognised as world class and JMPH offers private patients access to these cardiac specialists. Find out more about MonashHeart here.

Learn about the TAVI procedure for aortic stenosis here

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