Jessie McPherson Private Hospital Continues to be a Centre of Excellence for Obstetric Patient Care

We would like to reassure the families in our care that we remain one of the safest places in Victoria to have your baby during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

At Jessie McPherson Private Hospital we have very stringent precautions in place across the entire hospital to protect all of our patients and staff. All hospitals across Victoria will be preparing to deal with COVID positive patients. Jessie McPherson Private Hospital has been preparing for 18 months and our processes are well embedded.

We understand there may be heightened concern amongst our families due to the news that Monash Health is caring for COVID positive pregnant women. The Jessie McPherson Maternity Unit is in a secluded part of the hospital separate from the COVID maternity ward, you will be very safe and extremely well looked after by our highly trained staff.

Australian leading specialist in Obstetrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine Obstetrician A/Prof Ryan Hodges chooses Jessie McPherson for his private patients and provided this comment:

“The Jessie McPherson Maternity Unit is a centre of excellence in private maternity care, due to the highly trained staff and the facilities available. The principles of care remain the same at Jessie whether in a pandemic or not; expertise and excellence is always present and always assured.”

We understand that you may have questions about coming to Jessie McPherson to have your baby, we recommend talking directly to your obstetrician in the first instance. You are also welcome to send any questions you have to we will collate the questions and ask our panel of maternity experts to provide a response.

We understand that you will have concerns but please be reassured that all possible precautions are in place to ensure the utmost safety of all our patients and staff. Remember your healthcare professionals are here for you, you can speak to your obstetrician, and midwives about any concerns you have.



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