Kylie was settling into life with the latest addition to her family, six week old baby Willa, when she experienced headaches, neck pain, taste changes, and high blood pressure. Kylie saw her local GP and was advised go to the Emergency Department at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton.

Kylie needed to be admitted. She decided to use her private health insurance and was admitted to Jessie McPherson Private Hospital which is co-located at Monash Medical Centre.

Initially it was suspected that Kylie had postpartum pre-eclampsia and she and Willa were admitted to the Jessie Maternity Unit: Ward 51 North. During her stay on 51 North Kylie and baby Willa were cared for by the midwifery team, whilst awaiting a formal diagnosis.

After seeing an obstetrician and neurologist and having multiple MRI and CT scans, pre-eclampsia was ruled out and Kylie was diagnosed with Carotid Artery Dissection. Kylie and Willa were then moved to Ward 31 North (Cardiac Unit) where she received appropriate care and treatment from the nursing team and treating clinician Dr Barton Jennings.

The multidisciplinary team at Jessie McPherson Private Hospital worked together on a treatment plan so Kylie could return home to enjoy time with her family as soon as possible. Seven days later, Kylie and baby Willa were home with the rest of their family.

“The care I received at Jessie McPherson was of the highest standard and I will be eternally grateful that I ended up there.

The midwives on 51 North were so kind and accommodating. They minded Willa when I was having scans and did everything they could to coordinate the different specialties involved in my care. They even visited me when I was moved to 31 North.

The nursing team on 31 North went out of their way to make me comfortable and provide me with the best possible care.

All the staff at Jessie McPherson including the doctors, nurses, food service staff, and cleaners were so friendly and caring, they made a hospital ward feel homely.

I want to especially thank Dr Jennings, Dr Ian Main and Professor Dominic Thyagarajan for getting to the bottom of my complicated case.”

Kylie is passionate about raising awareness of this rare postpartum condition, especially with expectant mums and their families.

Kylie shared her story and the importance of being vigilant of postpartum health with online women’s network Mamamia, you can read the story here.

Learn more about the services Jessie McPherson Private Hospital offers here.

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