When you arrive at hospital

On the day of your admission, present to Monash Heart Private on Level 6 of The Victorian Heart Hospital.

You will be greeted by our administration staff who will complete your admission, including the settlement of your account.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing on the day of admission. Do not wear make-up, jewellery, or body piercings of any kind. All nail polish must be removed before your admission.

Information for visitors

Your family and friends are welcome to visit you whilst you are in hospital. It is important for patients to rest and recuperate and as such, visiting hours are in place.

Please talk to a Patient Relationship Officer or member of the Nursing Team about visiting hours. Consideration of other patients is also important and we ask that visitors keep noise levels to a minimum so as not to disturb others.

Day Patients

Having a day procedure means you will not be required to stay overnight. There could be some waiting time, so it is advisable to bring something to watch or read. Our staff will do their best to keep you informed of any delays if they arise.

It is essential for a family member or friend to collect you on discharge and to stay with you overnight to ensure your safety, as sedation, anaesthetics and pain relief can cause drowsiness or impaired thinking. You must not drive for 24 hours following an anaesthetic.

After discharge, a nurse may contact you by phone to check on your progress and answer any questions.


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